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An interview with blood painter & tattoo artist Vincent Castiglia

Gravity Photo by: Vincent Tadaaw Multiply Thy Sorrow I'm sitting here with Vincent Castiglia. He is world-renowned for paintings, which are done in his own blood and for his tattoo work which is absolutely outstanding. I'm lucky enough to have some of his work on my arm myself. Author & film director John Borowski is currently finishing a biopic "Bloodlines" about his life and art, and will be hitting shelves soon. You may have recently… Continue reading
An interview with dark artist Stanislav Krawczyk, by Intenebris designer Jonathan Silva Continue reading...

An interview with dark artist Stanislav Krawczyk

*English is not Stan's first language and thus, much of this interview has been edited with his approval.   JS: First off I just want to thank you for allowing me to collaborate with you. It is an honor. SK: Thank you too. Big fan here. JS: You are too kind. For all of the people who are new to your work, tell us a little about yourself. SK: My name is Stanislav Krawczyk, and… Continue reading