The Boneyard Collection

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A collection of skeletal-inspired adornments. For anatomy enthusasts, straight-up macabre, or classic metal heads / rock & rollers.

Intenebris Stackable Vertebrae RingsIntenebris Stackable Vertebrae Rings

Intenebris™ Stackable Vertebrae Rings



aphotic Distressed Skull ring 02aphotic Distressed Skull ring 03

Intenebris™ Distressed Skull Ring



Intenebris-Large Fractured-Skull-Pendant-Necklace-sterling-silverIntenebris-Large Fractured-Skull-Pendant-Necklace-sterling-silver

Intenebris™ Fractured Skull necklace in Sterling SIlver



Intenebris™ Underling Vertebrae Bracelet (Lava Bead)



Intenebris™ Overlord Vertebrae Bracelet (Onyx Bead)