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Intenebris Stackable Vertebrae RingsIntenebris Stackable Vertebrae Rings

Intenebris™ Stackable Vertebrae Rings



Intenebris by JS Iolite Eye pendant necklace

Intenebris™ Eye of Iolite Pendant in sterling silver

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Intenebris™ Sigil of the Gate Signet Ring



Intenebris-Large Fractured-Skull-Pendant-Necklace-sterling-silverIntenebris-Large Fractured-Skull-Pendant-Necklace-sterling-silver

Intenebris™ Fractured Skull necklace in Sterling SIlver



Aphotic Amethyst Matrix Ring X Axis

Intenebris™ Amethyst Matrix Ring (X-axis)




Intenebris™ Norse Rune Ring




Intenebris™ Small Evil Eye Skull necklace in Sterling SIlver



Eye Of Horus Ring - Veined 2Eye of Horus Ring_Veined 2

Intenebris™ Eye of Horus Signet Ring (Veined)